Mother nature!

Hello!I would like to tell you about mother nature.Our nature is very beautiful.In our world we have a lot of lakes,seas and hight mountains. Also we have a unusual phenomena,for example:waterfalls,northern lights and eruption. But if you like extrim, you can visit  the famouse volcano surfing.
If you sit down on your board,you will goeven faster.For those who don't  like surfing,one can visit the river bugging.A river  bug speeds you along a river and down rapids.After a great day on the volcano or the river you can visit the  wonderful area of out nature.This the Appalachian Trail.It  takes over five millions steps to walk it and only 1 person in 4 makes it all the way.If you don't like to travel,you can go paintballing in a forest,go zip-lining through the jungle,go bird watching in a nature reserve and play cards in the park with your friends.The most beautiful pheromenon of our nature, I think that caves.Caving is an adventure sport that involves walking,climbing and even swimming and rafting through caves.It's popular and a lot of fun.Heat radiated off the sea,heat radiated from land and greenhouse gases-this is what spoils our planet.Let's take care of our mother nature,becouse it is the most beautiful in the world!


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